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What do you read?
интересное почитать

? Most people, I bet you don't ask that question at all. But since you're still on the literary portal, we'll think that's a lot. There's a lot of books, but how do you find one, the one that's in the mood right now? The answer to this question will try to give you a book catalogue of our portal, where you can identify what you can read out of the current leaf and any other literary genres. There's no one left indifferent, there's a lot of taste in the classics and amateurs of something more fashionable and modern.

Choose, I don't know what it's like to read. On Knigo Pazke! It's almost half a million books on the website, and our base continues to be filled. The most popular literature we have in the same place. You'll find something to read here!

According to various data, today there are more than 130 million literatures, different sizes and generosity in the world. How do you choose from all those books that are interesting to read? The KnigoPosizka catalogue is filled daily with new literature, including through user efforts. We're trying to figure out the books on the convenient lists and the appropriate ratings, which will allow you to find quickly, I don't know what to read.Something you're really gonna like. Record, add the greeted books to the chosen ones, evaluate them on the 10th scale and, most importantly, read!

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