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Swan and other fairy tales Michael Canningham
Corpus, translation from English

After the novel of the Snow Queen, which appeared three years ago, American Michael Canningham released a collection of slightly overwhelmed classic fairs. Most of them are, of course, read as a fascinating experiment with shape and not more, just another attempt to dispel genre carcas. However, the Canningham steals even such a gymnastics to make it light and up to the last letter.

In fact, the only task of Canningham in this collection is to present all the scoundrels. In another time, he has enough to bury a fairy tale into the gruesome reality of the modern ghetto, and the other is to make Rumplestiltskin passion for vulgar psychoanalysis. The beautiful prince, in his interpretation of the years of marriage with Snow White, has never been spared the perversive passion for the revival of dead beauty. Gensel and Gretel, tattooed, goat teenagers, without eating curly feathers and bricks, burned the poor, lonely witch.

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