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ballota: best children ' s book of all times
На втором месте – наш

BBC Culture conducted a survey of literary critics and left a list of the most important children ' s books.

The BBC survey involved writers, editors and critics from all over the world. They called 151 a book that could be called the best. The first place of Charlotte's Pautinka was written by Elvin Brooks White in 1952, a story tells us about the life of a pigeon Wilbur, a man of a wonderful sheep, where other animals and birds have Charlotte's paucity. She's the one who decides anything to save the pigeon from imminent death. In 1953, the book was awarded Newbury's medal. In addition, it is included in all possible lists of books binding on reading.

The first 10 also included:

(2) K. Lewis, Wizard and Magic Warehouse (1950);

(3) “Tom where the monsters live” M. Sendaka (1963);

(4) “Alisa in Wonderland” L. Carroll (1865);

(5) Little Women L. May Alcott (1868);

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