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Yesterday, the Novosibir Oblast Arbitration Court concluded a competitive process in the Thop Knigi bankruptcy case. All of the company ' s assets have been sold or handed over to collateral creditors, and Victor Kugusheev ' s competitive manager reported to the Vedomos. As a result, he said that the debts owed to bail creditors had been paid 70 to 75 per cent, and the payment of the salaries (company employees - second-line creditors) had been fully paid.

The monitoring of the Top Book of Arbitration in May 2011, initiated a competitive process in November of the same year. The network ' s credits stood at 2,4 billion roubles at that time, followed by court records. 1,1 billion roubles - collateral creditor requirements, clarifies Kugusheev. Before the bankruptcy, the network had about 300 stores, most of them rented. The company owned shops in Novosibirsk, Berdske, Voronje, Tumeni and Rostov-na-Dona, reminding Kugusheev. In 2009 and 2010 The Top Book worked with losses and almost stopped paying counterparts. The largest creditors were the AST publishing group (more than 1 billion roubles) and Sberbank (almost 900 million roubles), 91 companies (suppliers and publishers) in the creditor registry.

The balance value of the items included in the competitive mass was 2, 6 billion roubles, of which 791 million were shops, warehouses, commercial equipment, and told Kugusheev. By November 2011, 95 per cent of the assets were on bail.

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