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MBA itself. 100% self-education
Josh Kaufman
206 readers
What's this book about?
It's a book about faith. Suddenly? Nevertheless, the author ' s main idea is the value of your personality, not of the carcase in your case. You can finish any business school and stay on the bottom stage of the social ladder. You can go on the author's footsteps.

Josh Kaufman is an outstanding manager who has not received classical business education. He deliberately chose a non-standard path, deciding not to go to MBA courses, but to get self-education at the same time, starting full-time at Procter Geneble. The simple question, however, was why the MBA diploma was needed, and by what resources it was possible to obtain the same or superior quality education, it had not given it peace.

Josh started a blog on self-education in business, and soon, aware of the enormous demand on the subject, left PG to write his personal guidance on key governance concepts.

The result of his work in front of you.

Josh Kaufman wrote an alternative business book from which you will find out:
♪ How does business work?
♪ How people work.
♪ Finally, how the whole business system works in general
Don't expect you to:
- you'll be lost in management and business administration.
- clean up all accounting issues.

This "teacher" is designed to enable you to learn as soon as possible the essential foundations of the business practice and to start successfully using it in the field.

And then who cares what it says in the diploma!

Who's the book?
For those who have decided to open their case, but they're complex about the lack of a hard diploma.

For starters who want to know more about business arrangements.

For successful businessmen who don't want to stop because they know the whole point is in development.

Why did we decide to publish this book?
Many of us have no MBA diploma. Even Russian. But it didn't prevent us from starting a case that attracts and profits. We can assume that the same can be said by many of our readers.

The D. Kaufman Book will give confidence at the start of your business. It will help you to anticipate and circumvent various pits and traps, significantly reducing your path to success.

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