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Top-100 leading roses 2010
Топпинг ТОР 100 -

In 2010, more than 1,200 market players, more than 100 contracting companies and 50 external experts participated in the rating and study. Project participants were asked to answer the questionnaire questions and to vote for their version by dozens of market leaders. This year, for the first time, client voting was introduced, as well as manual modelling and additional data requests from companies, which have resulted in improved data accuracy and representativeness.

TOP 100 web studio in Russia 2010

:: For the first time in the history of the Taglein ratings, Artemia Lebedeva presented to the organizers the qualification factors K3, K4 and K7. The K2, K5 and K6 ratios were assessed on the information available in open sources.

** Ikon is marked by the Association of Interactive Agents (AIA):

Summary disclaimer and methodology

Factors affecting ratings:

  • Key indicators obtained from the market participants ' profile (company turnover in 2009, number of staff in the state, cost of the model project, number of projects implemented in 2009, number of projects for large companies and known brands, number of projects on ongoing support, etc.);
  • Recognition of market players among customers and external experts;
  • Availability of positive or negative experience with the customer ' s web site;
  • The web-based view on the distribution of leaders in the market (representation of leaders by market participants themselves).

For further information, please refer to the Meteorological and Project sections.

In 2010, the rating results became as transparent as possible. We publish a voice structure for each company from the first hundred, as well as the value of the general business code K and client factor C.

Analysis and comments

The crisis year 2009 was difficult for the market, but many companies were able to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. There are 26 new companies (and only two in the first half of the list) in the 2010 rating, 3 fewer than the number of " newcomers " in the 2009 rating. Thus, we can talk about the growth of the market for customized web designs and the gradual stabilization of the leading pool of companies.

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