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100 school books - final list
100 книг на английском: от


The Echo Moscow Radio station, together with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Science, is presenting to you a project entitled " 100 books for schoolchildren " .

The purpose of the project is to draw up a list of 100 books recommended for self-realization by senior students.

We had three stages.

First stage, you offered books.
More than 2,000 letters were sent, more than 1,700 books were offered!

Finally, by removing books that have received less than 10 per cent of your votes, we submit to you a final list of world and domestic literature - exactly 100 books



Grigori Anisimovich Fedoseev. Death will wait for me.

And all that author wrote was great books about Siberia.

Hamingway's the most flawed ocean.

It's taste. My favorite Fiesta.
No Americans at all.
For young people, the Kentaure is a super book.
And without "Medith" Folkner and "Moby Dick" the list was inexplicable.
And in the Russian "How the steel went," I thought the great book was missing for ideological reasons. It's not about communism, in principle.

I like "Goodbye, Gulsara, "Itmatov."

As long as you don't, there won't be anything. Then we have to sign 1,000 books. I'd love to read that. Repeat, good list.

Best book - "Starik Hottabaach."

I'm sorry, Martin Iden got a nice book.

Richard Bach is not a literary, but an imitation. And Carnegie isn't an art literature. There's Gumill, but there's no Gogol. Poetry doesn't like school kids. But the chosen Broadsky is hard. There's no place for Mandelstam. However, these lists can be criticized for infinity.

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