Top 100 Classic Books

100 books to be read by young people
ТОП-100 главных фантастических

width="250"Set up a list of 100 books for young people, we started with readers, after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin proposed to create a book top-100 for readers of the age in which tastes, character, perceptions of life, peace. It's not the fact that the Prime Minister has proposed this (and the presidential candidate): the problem of what a new generation will grow, what it will be, in which country it will live is indeed more relevant than ever. And there's no books, no knowledge and feelings. Which one will come out if they read one thing?

Komsomolka, by the way, recently released the Golden Collection for Youth (40 volumes). The series was a remarkable success - the circulation of 6 million copies went off. The book collection was similarly purchased. The readers of the Great Poets are doing the same.width="250" So the conversation about us being ready to replace books with computer games is for the homeless.

The discussion and drafting of the list has been on our website for weeks. As a basis, we took our collection for young people, asked the readers to vote what books they're supposed to be in the top 100. More than 4,000 people have voted. There was no Pushkin, Chekov and Tolstho on this list (they are in another book collection), but only because these great authors are included in the school curriculum and their parents will never forget them. Besides, there's only 40 books on the list, and we asked the readers to complete it. As a result, this discussion (more than 500 comments): readers advise and argue. Anyway, the public is on full program. We've decided to interview cultural figures, which books they consider obligatory.

Today we publish 10 most popular A preliminary vote plus 20 from our readers.

The outcome of the voting will be delivered at the end of February. We'll send the final list to the government.

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