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In August's novels, a psychological triller Lottie Mogach who drags us into a dangerous world, showing the true face of those behind virtual groups and sites.

- Kiss me first.

Leila's mom died. The situation is very difficult, but it is also complicated by the fact that Layla is a person with special features. She's hard to communicate with people, express emotions. Turning on one with a terrifying world, she's getting deeper until she finds a way out of the Internet.
The Red Tab, an online club for philosophical fans, attracts it. She finds friends fast and meets Adrian's charismatic, who's offering her a risky job to help a woman who wants to kill herself to go to that light. And Layla, if she sincerely believes in the human right to voluntary care, she has to do so.

In publishing plans:

Morton Kate is the lake house.

Cornwall, 1933. Alice Edevein lives in a beautiful place with his family. Days flowing to normal turn, and the perfect world without care, nothing threatens. But one day there's an irreparable one, the mysterious disappearance of Theo, Little Brother Alice. And soon after that, there's a deadly family friend's body. What is this a suicide or a crime? And if suicide, could Theo be the cause?
In 2003, Detective Sadie Sparrow is in Cornwall. Walking through the woods, she accidentally detects an abandoned house, the one with the tragedy. The thoughts of a hopeless family and a poor child do not give her peace, and she decides to solve this case and find Theo... or his killer. And there's still a chance for that, because Alice is alive, which means the hope for the truth has yet to be exhausted.

Johnson Jane is Sultan's wife.

Having heard of Versail's luxury, the Sultan Ismail has planned to build a palace that will precede the beauty of the residence of the French monarchs. In order to carry out the ambitious plans of the Sultan, thousands of volunteers, dying of a terrible thirst, worked day and night, and the pirates captured all new and new ships.

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