1,000 Best Books

There's a list of 1,000 best books on world literature in the roses!
Тогда он поставил себе цель:

Vyacheslav Chernikovsky, God bless him, chose all Swedish books from the list:

263. Gripe M. Elvis Carlsson / Per S. Tarhanova (Sweden)
440. Camp S. Saga on Yöste Berlinge / Per E. Cherniavsky (Sweden)
441. Camp S. Nice journey of Niels with wild gooses / free feather. Z. Zadunay, A. Lubarsky (Sweden)
460. Lindgren A. Brothers Livin Heart / Per. B. Jerhova (Sweden)
461. Lindgren A. Little and Carlson / Per. L. Lungina (Sweden)
462. Lindgren A. Mio, my Mio / Per. L. Braude (Sweden)
463. Lindgren A. Peppi Longchulok / Per. L. Lungin (Sweden)
464. Lindgren A. Adventures of Emil from Lönnebergi / Per L. Lungin (Sweden) (text -
465. Lindgren A. Rasmus Broadcasting / Per E. Milehin, O. Sharkovoy (Sweden)

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