100 Best Dramas

In the heart rhythm
Будет сделано!

KinoPosizk - 5.992
IMDB - 5.4
Year of output: 2011
Country: Canada
Jeanr: musical, drama, melodrama

Director: Charles Olivier-Micho

In the field:
Milen Sen-Sover, Niko Arschamba, Francis Castel, Marina Orcini, Paul Duce, Alexia Gurd, Lina Rossler, Davy Boysvert, Hendi Yassinte, Danny Amaral De Matos

Duration: 100 / 01:40

Delphine а student of prestigious college from a good family. Mark doesn't know his father, but he's familiar with the streets' laws, and he's gonna freak out any girl. She wants to be a professional dancer. There's no incendiary discotheque in the city without it. They're going to go to the casting together and win the world tour with one of the best dance shows! College's abandoned, parents а don't know, best friend а katting rival and in love with Mark, but it doesn't matter, because the main а is to do it. The best. Dance and win!

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