100 Great Books

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Description:And this is our version of a hundred great books, the peaks of human wisdom. Let's just say, of course, this number is (100) known to be conditional. What is the optimum in this case if we approach the modern bibliography theory? The answer is 234 pieces! I see, there's always been a stack of inexpensive questions. But the figure is not random! It is the result of a long and thorough study of expert surveys, analysis of existing guidance indicators, mathematical processing of statistical data, but, of course, an informal analysis of the whole body of works constituting the core of the world book culture.
Approximately two and a half hundred books are an initial contribution (price) to a young thinking man who decided to stand on the stalemate of the intellectual wealth of the world. This number of serious literature (both, historical, philosophical, scientific) is being processed in the brain and in the shower during secondary school and junior higher education. Who's early, who starts thinking about how to move on the bookstore?
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