Worldless List Of Books

9 books that learn never to give up when all
Стефани Майер

There are days when all the injustices of the world fall on your shoulders, and it seems best now to put your hands down and stop fighting. And often at these moments, it's important not to start pitying yourself, but to shake and move on.

1. Jodi Picolt Angel for Sisters
Anne's only 13, but she's already transferred countless operations. She's healthy, but her sister is ill with leukemia, and her parents are willing to do anything to save her. In fact, Anna only came to light to help her. But how would her life be if she wasn't tied to Kate? Anna is taking a step that would appear to be a difficult majority of us.

2. Erich María Remarque “Sacrament of Life”
Germany, end of the war, concentration camp. People who took their liberty, love, hope, life. But as long as they have each other, nothing can break them. All they've got is a life spark, but she'll never get out. She'll give them the strength to smile even on the threshold of death, the only light spark in the darkness.

3. Ain Rand Story
This book has been on the list of world bestsellers for decades. The master of the novel, Howard Rork, is fighting society for his personal right to creativity. The fascination of the surroundings forces him to take extraordinary action. And prove that even one person can change the world.

4. Kazuo Isiguro Don't let me go
Contemporary whistle, a fantastic story with a shattering, a perfectly realistic story, Isiguro will not let you go. People whose sad fate is not predetermined and known in advance. They know what they live for. They know what they're gonna die for. Still keeps going. It's one of the most vivid stories about mercy and inhumanity.

5. Jack London Martin Iden

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