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Most popular audio books for children
10 аудиокниг с шикарной

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most popular audio books for children

Here comes the long-awaited spring! Together with the kids, you're going to rest, and the question is, what do you want to do with the kids? Admit it, just to look at the nature of the car window or the train, the kids are bored, torment at the dairy, even if they're skating at the gardens, it's exhausting, and to sleep in the spring of the night when the sun still smiles out the window, it's impossible! What do we do if the weather's messed up?

In all these cases, books come to help parents. But some kids don't like reading themselves, and others don't know how to read, so it's time for audio books with good and fun stories. Listening to interesting stories about favorite heroes isn't just fascinating, but it's good! Through audio booking, babies learn to distinguish intonations, remember text and expand vocabulary, fantasize and develop speech.

Now, a list of children ' s books on CDs can surprise the diversity of even the most tempted ones: people's stories and modern stories, myths, poems, songs and lectures -- how do you please a child? We've prepared a list of the most interesting, famous and popular audio books you're gonna love.

Top 7: World legends

" Grimm brothers " in the performance of K. Alferova, E. Beroeva and others. Wimbo. Bremen musicians, Sweet Cash, Ms. Metelitsa, Brain Porter and Bélanceka are an excellent fabulous set for any child! These fairy tales teach goodness, bravery, ingenuity and lifelike, they mock human flaws and inspir on the front.

Mm. Twen, " adventures of Tom Sawyer " in the performance of L. Akhejakov and E. Shifrin. Wimbo. Amateurs of adventures, small patrons and all-to-all are devoted to fascinating stories about the distracting detectives Tom Sawyer and Gecklberry Finn. The book has been a source of sincere admiration for children around the world for years!

Progress Herakla in the performance of N. Caracinciova. Wimbo. Cycle of fascinating stories about the son of the great god Zeus Heralakle, his power, courage and advances. This audio book, adapted specifically to young students, will tell the children of 12 famous stories about Herakl's birth, youth and adventure.

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