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Throw five worldless people down on power, career and business in a brief statement!
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It's long holidays, and wherever you go, to town or to another country, the best work of world-renowned pros will always help. You're about to have time with good mind and soul.

Specially for you this spring, we have prepared five best career, business and development books on the " Key idea " Library. These are the most readable bestsellers in world and Russian top managers. They are quoted, discussed and recommended at the highest level. These are " desk books " of an educated expert. All these work in the summary focuses on the development of your potential, both at work and at home, and is a quintessent of the original work of the mattts of modern business.

All the books are ready for downloading.

1. Winner, Jack Welch

Art of company management from legal CEO General Electric
Jack Welch is the legend of world business: he came General Electric at the moment of the worst crisis and turned this company into one of the most successful in the world. There's no such question about the leadership and management of a company that Welch didn't illuminate in this book. He is generously sharing his experience with managers. This book, Bill Gates, called " the most important textbook for anyone who wants to learn to win " .

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2. From good to great, Jim Collins.

Best business strategy from the most powerful business thinker
This book is the result of one of the largest management research, which was designed to find out what was needed to make the company of just good? For more than five years, Jim Collins and his team have been looking for answers to two main questions: what distinguishes a successful company from a mediocre and a great one from a successful one? Are there universal rules that are successful and followed by greatness? The answers to these questions you find a book.

3. "I hear you out, Mark Goulston.

How do you push the deaf wall to get through it and get the right result: to get an answer, to convince you to do something or not? One of America's finest psychiatrists in the course of working with FBI and U.S. police negotiators. The author cited nine basic rules and 12 fast-track technicians who were unhelpful in the negotiations, as proved in practice by FBI agents.

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