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Business-Bettsellers are books translated in several languages and widely distributed and recognized by the global financial and investment community. Their circulation is counted by millions of copies, because they are the best business publications that read and successfully use entrepreneurs, economists, traders and investors. We have chosen the most informative and useful publications that affect various aspects of financial and economic activities and we are confident that they will help you to make a significant difference in business development and self-renewal, as well as in understanding the different sides and aspects of the world of finance.

The business literature we offer highlights various aspects of the world of finance: trade and investment books, financial risk management and mathematical analysis for financiers, technical and fundamental analysis, economic literature. There are also popular books of such bright business personalities as George Soros and Robert Kiyosaki.

The various authors, knowledge styles and book issues are merged with a splendid presentation, the authors ' uncoordinated views on many issues and the freedom of the true researchers. These books, which are not easily readable to the most fascinating detective, are, however, informative and informative as the best textbooks of world universities and business schools!

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