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Worldless books
В серии самые лучшие
Green John

This novel was called "Time" - "Entertainment Weekly" - "New York Times" - "Wall Street Journal" - "Publishers Weekly" and eight other periodicals! The reviews are unprecedented, they repeat the words "genius" and "proper." So...

James EL

The five hundred shades of grey -- confession, revelation, shocking and retracting, scandalous and contradictory novel, as a bomb broke in western literary space, are first brought before the courts of Russian readers. Five hundred shades of grey, part one of the trilogy “Fifty ...

Moyes, Jojo

Lou Clark knows how many steps from the bus stop to her house. She knows she likes her work at the café and that she probably doesn't like her boyfriend Patrick. But Lou doesn't know that she's about to lose her job and that in the near future she'll need all the strength to overcome...

Bowen James

In this amazing story, two main heroes. And both streets. Street London musician James Bowen and at least a street London cat Red Bob. They were completely homeless and alone until they met each other once. Most of the problems in life were, of course, James.

Flynn Gillian

From the author, the laureate of many prestigious literary awards, whose works are published in 28 countries, all writer ' s books are entitled to screen. Two years in top-10 around the world! 10,000 eminent responses to! Absolute booking of recent years! Everything was...

Dashner James
Publication: AST Flight: Solid Year: 2014

Yesterday, they were regular guys, listening to rap and rock, running after the girls, going to the movies... Today, they're pawns in someone else's game, stolen by whom to participate in a terrible experiment. Their memory is erased. Their new home is a giant complex that is fenced from an even bigger Labyrinth wall. ♪ ♪

You, Yu

This prisoner has nothing to lose. Having spent almost half his life in prison, Sonny Lofthouse even agrees to take another man's crime. It doesn't matter where a convicted person has a miserable existence for murdering a drug addict! But everything changes instantly when Sonny finds out the truth about his death...

Gelbreit Robert

After the disappearance of a writer, Owen Quinn, his wife addresses a private investigator, Cormoran Stryk. Believing that the husband is just hiding from his family, as has happened many times, Leonora Coine is instructing Stryika to find a fugitive and return to his family's lono. But in the investigation, Strike understands that this is the case...

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