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2014 literary and fantastic novels

We've been wanting to do this kind of post for a long time, but we've been waiting for a good occasion. And now he's backed up - New Year, time for all possible outcomes and ratings. And we decided to remember eternally about fantastic literature. I don't think there's anyone among us who doesn't like fantastic. What kind of anthinist doesn't keep in the shower, in a hidden corner, memories of books that once shake his imagination with their fictional stories?

And if you threw a reading of the books in the wind of the day, it's for nothing. High technology has not yet strangled the writing craft (we hope it doesn't happen) and there are many interesting books every year worthy of covering half an hour a day for reading. Maybe these books will be some starting point for you. By the way, at the end of November, Ursula Le Guin said,

“There are difficult times when we need the voices of writers who can offer alternatives to our lives today. Which through our feared society and obsessive technology can see other kinds of life, and maybe even give us hope. We will need writers, poets and dreamers remembering the freedom of realists. "
I should like to warn you, since most books are foreign novels, they have not yet been published (or will not be published) in Russian. On the other hand, it's a good reason (and a way) to pull your English.

The book tells me about the missionary's journey to an exoplanet called Oasis. The goal is to give the word of the Aboriginal alien. Those, I have to say, have shown great disrespect in the exercise of religion. In the example of aliens, the author illustrated our own, human, self-destruction. It's interesting to see the life of a missionary on another planet surrounded by another race of reasonable creatures. And the future of human beings in the book is quite fascinating.

This book is partly exploiting our fears about all possible epidemics. In the near future, some people were affected by the sindrome called Heiden (Haden Syndrome). They lose the opportunity to communicate with the outside world, their consciousness is trapped inside the bodies. I mean, it's like paralysis. However, it is found that a small number of people have a congenital talent to communicate with the victims of Sindrome Hayden. The chosen ones are called Integrators. The story was built around the investigation of the murder of one of the Integrators, and the book raised the issue of discrimination against vulnerable patients.

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