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What do you do if you decide to write a book
интересную книгу)

It seems that business books are written more now than artists. Many people who have something to say have experience, have knowledge and vision of what should be. What do you do if you decide to write your own book and it's not. love novel And adventures?

I'll just say, like the author of the original post, I'm not a writer, but I write a lot of writing and reading, but because I share many of his views on the process of creating books and even a new interesting content.

Council One: Don't tell anyone you're going to write a book (or even started writing it)♪ Very often, only by compiling a list of tasks or by gathering something, people are rushing to notify all friends and knowing that this is what I'm going to be a writer. If you don't make it, and 90% of the cases you won't make it first, you'll be judged and discussed behind your back, I don't think you need it.

Council Two: writing a book and moving it to publishing is a difficult phase.And that's why you're going to have the feeling that your book is almost genius. Moreover, even the worst author has a fervent confidence that his book is a real salary for the publisher. Don't make a plan for yourself and for others, try to look at things sober.

Council three: Maybe it's not too late to change your mind. For example, to do some kind of project, to become a suspect, to set up a start-up, to find yourself a lot of other classes where the likelihood of earning substantial money is much higher than when writing a book. Very rarely even artistic works become unsellers; business or niche books, and also new authors, are not commercially successful almost never. So if you're writing a book to make money, that option's dropping.

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