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Top 20 of August 2016
КРЯКК 2013. Детская литература

There are many books in the genre of fantasy, similar to the Pear of ice and flames. You'll meet the conspirators as cunning as Varis, the brave warriors who will remind you of Jaime and the love stories that have nothing to do with John and Igritt. Fighting for power, mythical creatures and bloody battles is all in these books and you're really gonna have something to do with your head.

Love makes Earth spin and genius. Each great writerlike any great man, there's a loving woman. Today, we will tell you about them, loved and miserable, powerful and inspiring, about museums that make you enjoy your favorite poems and novels.

Those who are tired of women's novels, uniform detectives and want to have a good time, the Mir of Ideas magazine advises books in the genre of fantasy about girls in other worlds.

When only shorts and tops are left in the closet, and things are over, and you can move quietly to the sea, and that's when the longest and most loved one begins, LETO. Sleepless, warm nights, resort novels, buried bodies and fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And when it's not like a quiet summer night, lying on a gamaxy to pull a straw and do a favourite thing, read. It's easy to read in summer about everything, but most about love and sadness, adventure and sea.

Why do people need to read stories about children and adolescents, their mistresses, spontaneous actions and feelings? Because we're all kids. Our inner child requires pleasure.

Violence, sex, teenage drug addiction, eating disorders, and a lot of dirty stars waiting for you to pick up the most scandalous autobiography.

Today, I want to tell you the 20 hottest originals of childish stories. You'll get a few gray buckles from the periling soul, you'll have a dream, and you'll have to fight it long.

Did you just start to feel the mysterious writing skills? Or do you experience a long period of creative crisis? Do you want to squeeze and learn to write literate, understandable, and, above all, delicious texts? Then you'll need a collection from the Mir Ida magazine.

The popularity of the Draco trilogy is due to the fact that Cassandra Clare describes the new Malfoy. We see in it the wrong stupid, cowardly majeure that all seven books and films were watching. Now Draco is an unhappy, closed and lonely guy who didn't feel love. He had no childhood, no friends, and no mistake.

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