Interesting Books For Women

10 books to be read by every woman
10 книг, которые стоит

You can't resist a good book. Nothing compares to the feeling that the story of a new piece of work is taking you completely and you're going to the Circle of fictional events, breaking out of reality. But some books are more than just a nice reading. Turning the last page, you realize you're not going to be the same again. That's why we picked up 10 pieces, I should read it. any woman. Read and get better.

Paulo Coello

Why: to always believe in the dream.

A funny story that teaches us to believe and not to give up. After her reading, life will be brighter and pleasant, and the universe itself will help you achieve the goals.

Ann Frank

Why: to always preserve courage.

The famous 13-year-old Anna Frank wrote this journal for two years, hiding from Nazis in occupied Holland. Anna didn't make it until the book was published, because her entire family was betrayed by a treachery, where Anna died. Her father survived, who published the diary.

Judy Bloom

Why: to remind me that teenage years are not as unfettered as we thought.

This book is seizing and shocking at the same time. Adults will appreciate a fair description of the life history of Katerina's girlfriend who falls in love for the first time.

Caitlin Moran

Why: Because this book tells us how to be a woman here and now.

Caitlin Moran's stunning prose is often printed in British newspapers and magazines, and her popularity is unbelievable because she regularly raises such questions as should we use botox, do men secretly hate us? Someone's gonna find it too feminist, but interesting thoughts in this book are really much.

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