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Today, 31 July, his half-century anniversary (50 years) celebrates one of the richest writers of the world, Joan Rouling. It was she who wrote a story about Harry Potter, a "boy who survived" than she made the whole world want to go to Hogwarts. In honor of Rouling's birthday, we decided not only to remember a series of Harry Potter movies, but also some interesting fantasy films that were made on unsellers.

Harry Potter (2001-2011)

This unseller reads people around the world (over 400 million copies sold) and films were seen to the holes (there's the largest cassette series of films in history). The story is quite familiar to everyone (even who didn't see or read, even though it might be small). Anyway, this story about an orphan named Harry who grew up in his mother's family in Little Wing on Tisow Street, in House No. 4. Harry was a magician and was the only one who survived the attack of the strongest and most evil dark magic of all Lord Wolan de Morta. For all eight films (the last book was divided into two parts), Harry and his friends will have to fight dark forces in one way or another, against the Volan de Morta, even when he has no distinguishing... In the end, there will be silence and calm in the world of magic, and the man who cannot be called will be shined forever! Also, in November 2016, another fictional book from the universe, Harry Potter, “Fantastic Beasts and their Habitats”, is scheduled to be launched on big screens. If the new film is as successful and cassette, we'll know in a year.

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