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Top 15 of science and fantastic works :: Джордж Мартин

I'm a big fantasy fantasy guy, including scientific. I've read a lot in my time, now much less of it for invention of the Internet and lack of time. I got this rating when I was preparing another post. I think I'm gonna run right now, I guess I know everything. Yeah! Whatever. I haven't read half the books. It's okay. I can hear some writers for the first time! There it is! How do you do with that list?


1. Time machine

Roman Herbert Wells, his first major science-fantastic work. Redrafted from the 1888 " Time Arganization " and issued in 1895. The timeline has introduced the idea of time travel and the time used for this machine, which were later used by many writers and has created the direction of chronofantry. Moreover, as Yu. I. Kagarlicki pointed out, both scientifically and globally, Wells has, in a sense, prejudged Einstein, a special theory of relativity ten years after the novel.

The book describes the travel of the inventor of the time machine to the future. The foundations of the story are the fascinating adventures of the main hero in a world that is 800,000 years old, which the author has taken into account the negative trends of his modern capitalist society, which has allowed many critics to call a book of novel warning. In addition, the novel describes for the first time many ideas relating to time travel, which will not lose their attractiveness to readers and authors of new works for a long time.

2. A stranger

Robert Heinline's fantastic philosophical novel in 1962. In the West, there is a " cult " status as the most famous of the fantastic novels ever written. One of the few fantastic works that Congress's Library has on the list of books that formed America.

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