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Fantasy and fantastic classics
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I'd like to try to collect all the writers in one compilation with their most famous books/book series, which have already been tested in time and deserved to be a genre classic.

These are the authors and cycles that many people have on hearing, even if they haven't read them. That's what comes first of all when it comes to talking about the genre's basic hostages or the book all the time.

It's something that should read any respectable fantasy or fantasy fantasy, at least to be on the subject.

It's very different, but I think it's better. It's gonna be a private fantasy/fantastic, and science fiction and social, and even child/ adolescent. But they all share a quality label. I hope every genre/pozhner lover can find something for himself. :
I'll be happy with the clues. :
But it's a great advantage not to add everything. Only known and/or relevant. And one author is one position in the compilation.
Books and cycles that are less than 10 to 15 years are also not adopted. Books and authors should be truly time-tested. Just a little. :

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