Classic Books To Read

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Семь книг, которые стоит


- "The heroes of our time."
- "Msirs."
- "Lirika"


- Master and Margarita.
- "Dog heart."
- "Mr.'s notes."
- Rock eggs;
- The Devilian.
- "Managet notes."


- Crime and punishment;
- The Barriers of Karamazov;
- Idiot;
- "Bes."
- "Nazvanov"
- "Great nights."
- "Bed people."
- "United and insulted."


- Eugenia Onegin;
- "To lead the deceased Ivan Petrovich Belkin."
- "Dubrovsky."
Little Tragedies;
Ruslan and Ludmila.


- "The Nightmare is near Dickenki."
- Dead souls;
- "Revisor."
- Taras Bulba.
- "Vius."


Anna Karenina.
War and peace;
- "Sonat's Krench."
- "Expression."
- "Death Ivan Ilić."

- "George of mind."


- "Nakan."
- "Rudin"
- "Asia"
- "Civian nest."
- First Love
- Fathers and children;


- The Lord of the Hollows.


- My life.
- "Chika."
- Three sisters;

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