Reading Fantastic

No, baby, it
Читать не вредно — вредно не

Нет, детка, это - фантастика (СИ)No, baby, this is fantastic.

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A little romance with urban fantasy elements. Be careful what you want, they have the properties to come true. That's how you get to meet the perfect man in every relationship, and he's turning your life around your head. Lisa always wanted to marry rich and successful. And when I met this man, I fell in love with her ears like she was cursed. For all that, her chosen one was also smart, caring and incredibly attractive. Not a man, a dream! But then why does the closest friend say that their relationship has no future? And everyone else around here starts to behave, softly, weirdly. Everyone, including her favorite. The darkness of strange events and scary coincidences makes Lizza come to an incredible, delusional conclusion. ♪ ♪


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♪ 203.157

I found a full version on the Internet, but I probably don't finish... it's awfully bad. He's really annoying the GG. The authors have promised to be funny, and while the main heroin seems like a hamble, whose lines don't seem funny.
I didn't expect it.
"My perfect death" Anne Jane is something amazing.
And that's bullshit. Let me be forgiven by the author.
I think the general score of readers 4, 2 out of 10 speaks for itself.

Checked the book for two.

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♪ ♪ 115.172

The book bought on the authors' website. I liked it. It felt that there was a lack of continuation, but it seems that the authors plan to sit in two parts.
Little heat, really. And I don't mean an orthography and puncture. There's a point in the book when there's a separation feeling. I don't know what parts she was writing (whose of the authors was writing the line), but it would have to be better to untie the part where it's already cleared who is, and the name goes to the fantasy section with the one where there are more ordinary people.

Checked the book for ten.

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