10 Best Books For Adolescents

The most interesting books for adolescents

Убить пересмешникаUnfortunately, the modern generation doesn't like reading. Reading replaced computer games, social networking and other classes. But there are books that will certainly interest almost every teenager.

1. Harper Lee. The novel was published in the far 1960s and almost immediately became a noseller, and the author for his creation received the Pulitzer Prize, which is one of the most prestigious. In addition, the book to date remains popular and demanded. The name is drawn from the child ' s face, which makes an eye on what is happening directly and objectively.

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The novel describes the events of the 30s of the past century. This time was a period of great depression in Alabama. The whole novel is literally purified by child maximism, warmth and humor.

The main heroin Jean Louise Finch, living with his father and his older brother, is talking about the life of his family and neighbours. But the book addresses violence, xenophobia and interracial conflicts. The girl has expressed her opinion on the incompetence of the world. And Louisa's father, who was a lawyer, was an example of honesty for many.

Голодные игры2. John Greene ' s Star Guilty Book has been relatively recent but has already succeeded in conquering the hearts of millions of teenagers around the world. This is an amazing sentimental, sad and romantic story about the lives of teenagers who have been on their way with a huge problem.

The guy and the girl with cancer meet the support team and start talking. They are aware of the seriousness of the situation, but they continue to fight and remain teenagers: active, creative, committed. Augustus and Hazel fall in love with each other and try to challenge fate.

They realize that their love can end at any moment, and that's why they're willing to do everything to live and be together. Forgetting death, teenagers know all the secrets of their feelings, face misunderstanding, jealousy and condemnation. But now they're together, and then what happens doesn't matter.

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