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The man who defeated death

♪ ♪ To do something great, you have to make every effort to make one point.
Lev Nikolayevich Tolsto

I didn't have to start my name for that. What's the soul? For years now, great minds, philosophers and ordinary people have been arguing about these issues. For me, a soul is more than just a man's life, inspired by a creator. For me, it's a sort of absolute that, with everything, is aware of its very existence. But it's a long shot. And the aspiration of all the mental forces is not a very thoughtful concept. Today, I'm happy to speak with a talented writer, a director and a very dignified man. The world of Zafar, which was literally recently discovered by those who had not heard of it before.

The world of Zafar is a man who has devoted more than 30 years of his life to art. He wrote a lot of worthy and standing books, filmed a few films, and in many others, he was a historical consultant. A man who developed his own " Scenario Theory " and gave it to Lenfilm. A man whose advice was that French operators filmed famously many Améli.

The thing is, I'm beating a rock about a year ago, the world of Zafar was left without a roof over his head. Without livelihood and practically death. When the writer was going home, he was robbed, taking all the money and the papers. The world then suffered a stroke after which it was unable to move. Having received such an unpleasant blow, the world of Zafar, the most talented man, has become a real shadow. Those who don't see the same thing so hard. To those who are even in the lying cold, people in warm boobs try to get as far as possible. Zafar's world has become homeless.

Just think. A man with such a genius mind warehouse that, at the time of his training at the VHIC, with the famous Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky, invented his own theory of five poems, was so demanding on the street. I don't need anyone. Regrettably, the Zafar world has not yet fully recovered after this difficult period, and it has not been able to explain in detail the theory that I would be happy to listen, but some of it has been able to communicate to its listeners. The fact is that traditional spiritual training in India is offered by five great masters. One of them is sitting on a tree. Two in the river. The third dances around the fire. The fourth great master moves stones and the fifth largest of them sits in the cave and shuts the knowledge of the universe.

It's just a small part of the theories he was talking about. I was also struck by his revelation about real Indian exercises. For example, the idea that Yoga, the way we used to see her, is nothing. Evasive and obsessed people are only trained to do so. A real yoga is love. And love is a reunion. And it is the reunion of the body, soul and mind that is the beginning of a great path that every man must pass. Until now, we're just stained empty casings trying to fill something.

The author ' s words will follow. He was very emotional. That screaming, breaking your voice, is very quiet. The stroke survivor often has some problems with speech. Zafar's world was a young man trying to convey all the feelings he felt at a time.

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