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This book is not a history of ancient Russian literature, nor is it an overview of the most important monuments of ancient Russian literature. As can be seen from the title, it concerns only the Ancient Rusey Literatures, which may be named Classic

What are the monuments called classic? Once, only antiquities were recognized as exemplary monuments of art and literature. That's how it was from Renezance's era when the antiquity was in a modern pattern. We have been talking about the classic Russian literature for a long time, with the best works of Russian literature XVIII and XIX in. The authors of these classic works are classics: writers not only exemplary but also become symbols of Russian culture.

The knowledge of classical works, the ability to value their dignity, to feel their internal beauty and perfection is a prerequisite for education.

There's also a classic in ancient Rusey's multi-century literature, and there are things we can call classic, which are perfectly representative of the Ancient Rusey literature, known around the world. Every educated Russian man must know them.

The ancient Rusus, in the traditional sense of this word, which embraces the country and its history from X to XVII, has a great culture. This culture, the immediate predecessor of the new Russian culture XVIII-XX Vv, has also had some of its own phenomena unique to it.

An ancient Rus is famous around the world for his painting and architecture. But it's not only remarkable for these "nothing" arts that allowed some Western scientists to call the culture of Ancient Rusey a culture of great silence. Recently, the discovery of ancient Russian music and slower, much more difficult to understand the art of speech, literature. That's why many foreign languages are now translated into the "Law and Blagodati" Ilarion, "Slove about the Igorev Sand," Afanasia Nikitin, Ivan Grozny, "Lithuania of the Protopope Avvacum" and many others.

Russian literature does not exist with XVIII. She wasn't born in Petersburg, and not in the peterburg period of Russian history.

If Christianity could not be introduced into Russi without extensive writing, without the necessary books. ♪ ♪

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