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100 best books of all time
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Book series World Library Norwegian Book Club (Norv) is a list of 100 books drawn up in 2002 by the Norwegian Book Club together with the Nobel Institute of Norway.

The list was drawn up by 100 writers from the fifty-four countries of the world. The purpose of the list was to select the most important works of world literature from different countries, cultures and time. Eleven jobs on the list are written by women, eighty-five are written by men, four are unknown.

Each writer participating in the list provided his own list of ten books. From Russia, Alexander Tkachenko and Valentine Rasputin participated in the list.

The books selected as a result of this process and listed here are in no way divided by significance; the organizers stated that " they are all equal " , with the exception of a book that has received 50 per cent more votes than any other book on the list, and that "Best book ever. Times and peoples. " The following list of work is submitted in alphabetical order by the name of the author.

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