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Locations of visitors to this pageEach era has its own problems, which concern moderns. The public's interest is often a flaw, but still there are books that can interest their reading, make it read again and again, and recommend others. And it doesn't matter what a genre of the bestseller is a detective or a historical novel, it's important to be at the top of popularity, to bake minds and to make you talk about yourself.

The 21st-century Bestsellers exhibits works that are popular in this millennium. Father's and foreign novels, essay. You can get to know the books whose authors have become masters of various literary awards, or have acquired scandalous knowledge. For the record, Bestseller. popular book or another replicated publication.

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I noticed that there was something black on the white shirt's chest, like a big butterflies with open wings... In a glimmer light, the fluorescent lamp became clear: it is a dark red blood stain. Blood is fresh, it's not dry yet. Pretty much. I bowed my head and smelled the stain. No smell. Blood spatter is a little bit, and it's on a dark blue shirt where it wasn't so visible. And the white shirt is so bright, fresh... The nightmare of the soul labyrinth is in the new Haruki Murakami novel of Kafka on the beach. For the first time in Russian.

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