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2013 Isleseller books in Rossia (from
книги бестселлеры 2012

бестселлеры 2013I'm giving you another collection of the most popular books this year. It included the Insella Books of 2013, which were the most sold in Russia in the version.

This list of books, of course, is quite different from the list of world bestsellers in 2013, which we made on the basis of the weekly New York Times ratings. But at least for their reading, we don't need to wait for the Russian-speaking translation, but we can buy and read them right now in any book store.

Bessellers 2013 version

1. Boris Akunin Black City
Another detective about Erast Fandorina.

2. Victor Pelevin Batman Apollo
Meet the readers of Pelevine heroes and the world from his last Empire V.

бестселлеры 20133. E.L. Geims, Five hundred grey + 2 and 3 parts of trilogy
The real “erotic fever” has reached the book world thanks to Eric James.

4. Alexandra Marinina " Removed " volumes 1, 2, 3
M.E.'s story. Marinne's in a new, slightly unconscionable implois.

5. Ludmila Street Holy Lands
Ludmila's autobiography is a surprise to the street. It's a dialogue with the reader about the life of a writer, about childhood and youth, about a failed career and a lot of friends.

6. Gregory David Roberts Shantarama
The Shantarama is not just a fat book, but a real Indian water vortex capable of longing.

7. J. K. Rouling " Best Vacancies "
Rouling's first book, which is designed for adults.

российские бестселлеры 2013 года8. María Metlitzkaya “The Day of Fresh”
Easy, humoristic.

9. Max Fry Tobour Game. History by Nouminrich Kuta
Eighth book, Chronic Echo.

The whole world seemed to be looking forward to the romance of this novel.

11. Paulo Coello Manuscrypt, found in Acco
The book is very much in touch with Alchemist. Another light but deep philosophical work on the life path of the Brazilian writer.

12. George Martin Dragon Dance. Spark over the ashes and the dragon dance. Grazes and dust
George Martin's fascinating fantasy. The fifth book of the famous cycle, divided into two parts.

13. María Metelica " After treason "

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