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Тяжелые психологические фильмы
Mitchell David
Series: Pocket book
Publication: Exmo Pepper: Flexible Year: 2014

"Atlas" is like a mirror maze in which they click on each other, six voices: a notarius of the mid-19th century returning to the United States from Australia; a young composer forced to trade souls and bodies in Europe between world wars; a journalist in...

McCarthy Keith.

After the catastrophe, the Father and the Son go through the land burned, crossing the continent. The whole book goes through deep, heartbreaking questions. Is it worth living if the future isn't? Not at all. Does it make sense to live for children? It's a novel that everything in life is about things like...

Francen, Jonathan
Publication: ACT:CORPUS Overflight: solid Year: 2013

Roman Corrections, released in 2001, brought a 40-year-old Jonathan Francesen world famous and placed him in one row with American literature classics. The book was divided into millions of prints, received the United States National Book Prize and was translated into 35 languages. Family history with...

Murakami Haruki

I noticed that there was something black on the white shirt's chest, like a big butterflies with open wings... In the gruesome light, the fluorescent lamp became clear: it is a dark red blood stain. Blood is fresh, it's not dry yet. Pretty much. I bowed my head and smelled the stain. No...

Hosseini Khaled

An obsessed debut novel that is already called the main novel of the new century and his author is a living classic. It's an amazing story about childhood, friendship, betrayal, guilt and recovery. Amir and Hasan split the gap. One belonged to a local aristocracy, the other to...

Isiguro Kazuo
Series: Pocket book
Publication: Exmo Pepper: Flexible Year: 2014

"Don't let me go" is a pronunciation book that is rightly part of top 100 list English novels of all time on the Time magazine version. Her author is a congenital Japanese, a graduate of Malcolm Bradbury Literary Seminar and a winner of the Booker Prize. Thirteen-year-old...

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