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15 modern classic films
Джоан Роулинг

15 современных фильмов, ставших классикойIt's always nice to look back and duck in the film archives looking for old good movies.

But if you have a little more time than usual, pay attention to these films, which have been filmed relatively recently in the past 15 years, but have already been able to take a well-deserved place near a cult.

Donnie Darko, 2001

Jake Gillenhol, then not a well-known actor, plays the role of a difficult teenager who, after an accident, suffers from future visions. He also has the ability to control time and destiny. The film has become a cult, as it has given the greatest uncertainty in the future experienced by a young generation.

Lordship, 2002

15 современных фильмов, ставших классикойThrough the lives of the major heroes, their childhood and adulthood, we can look at the Rio de Janeiro slums. The film was filmed mainly by unprofessional actors, so it is sincere and realistic.

" Eternal brightness " , 2004

One of the most original love stories in the past 15 years. And one of Jim Kerry's finest work, Joel's role, who, after breaking up with his girl Clémentina (Kate Winslet) goes to a doctor specializing in memory wipes to forget his love.

Double, 2004

15 современных фильмов, ставших классикойDirector Morgan Sperlock drew attention to one of the problems of American society, the obesity of the population, and sent a camera to the McDonald’s network, changing our view of fastfud.

Starikam is not here, 2007

Cohen's brothers have created a modern Western in the genre's best traditions, screening the Kormak McCarthy novel. Josh Brolin plays a man who stumbled on a huge amount of money and escaped, and Javier Bardem doesn't seem to be a killer psychopath.

Ratatoui, 2007

15 современных фильмов, ставших классикойMulthylm should look not only at children, but also at adults. It's not really that easy to see about a rat who thought he was a chef.

Oil, 2007

Paul Thomas Anderson is a really big film, and the story, and the music, and the operator work, it's all up. Daniel Day‐Lewis, as always, is great. This time, he has done a great role as a maniac oil baron.

Zodiac, 2007

David Fincher told the history of the killer who terrorized San Francisco for the fourth century. The director has been able to keep the saspens sharp throughout the film, and by the end you suspect absolutely everyone.

Wall-E, 2008

Of course, one of the best works of the Pixar studio. Nice and kind multh film, showing the journey of the right robot, reveals many topics, including love history and obesity issues.

Bastards, 2009

Our film, Quentin Tarantino, where Brad Pitt is a leader of the Jewish group whose mission is to kill as many Nazis as possible in France.

15 современных фильмов, ставших классикой 15 современных фильмов, ставших классикой 15 современных фильмов, ставших классикой 15 современных фильмов, ставших классикой
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