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Russian novel satellite channel
телеканал Русский роман

On the Roska novel Channel for a year round, the hottest feelings, the madness of lovers and the most desperate things to do for beautiful and loved women.

The telecanal is based on a gold collection of domestic films, a format of 2-4 series films. Over the past year, the television channel has shown more than 700 hours of the latest televisions created by the domestic studios commissioned by the WCO.

Television films have long been the best, favorite part of the leisure of all Russian television audiences. It's the most demanded teleproduct on our television. In central channels, most of the time on weekends is allocated to this format because the product collects the largest audience, providing the airlines with a guaranteed high proportion. The Russian novel, as a digital, nude channel, shows these televisions every day and 24 hours a day.

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