Russian Novel Tv Program For A Week

Телеканал «Русский роман»

Sergei and Rita divorced spouses are forced to live in one apartment. As long as there is a change in the fields, divorce neighbours are conducting a guerrilla war with a lot of permanent fighting, scandals and cutting. All this has to be followed by their already grown daughter Katya. The situation is exacerbated when Katie Slavik ' s husband sits on an extravagant family. Rita and Sergei are trying to take themselves and their relationship into their hands so as not to scare the daughter's happiness to an insane relative. But Slavik doesn't seem to be a problem, and it's not like to surprise his neighbors at the apartment sometimes.

1800 winter waltz (12+)

Anna has a good job, a loving husband and a beautiful daughter. But it all falls in one moment when she gets the best friend... Anne's work is being fired from the tracks, and her husband's leaving, and she seems to have been left alone with a little daughter to help her wait around. It's not all safe in Vladimir's family, Lieutenant Colonel, retired. Losing a couple's child is a painful breakup. But the weather and betrayal don't break heroes. And their accidental encounter gives hope at least later, but such real love. ♪ ♪

21:30 Moscow-Lopca (12+)

In the middle of the story of the comedy show, the history of two two cousins: a staff member of a major metropolitan publisher of Polina (Anastasia Road) and a village girl of Mashi (Alla Southnov). One day, their normal and nuanced life is ruined. Polina remains without fiancé and good work, and Masha, after the buyers have significantly deteriorated conditions, decides to deliver farm products to the capital on its own. The heroin of the Moskva-Lops show is changing places: Polina goes to the village and Masha goes to town. ♪

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