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10 most popular books in the world
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And, yes, the original is not the Harry Potter series (and not even the Bible). While many of Harry Potter fans have misconceivedly believed that books of young wizard wand are at the forefront of world literature. In fact, Joan Rouling only ranks fifth in the ranking of the most popular. of the World All time. What were the other works?

The rating prepared by the LoveReading.com portal took into account the number of translations into other languages, as well as the number of publications produced and how many copies of the book were distributed worldwide.

This is the first dozen of the world's most popular books:

  1. Koran (3 billion copies).
  2. Bible (2, 5 billion).
  3. President Mao Zedun ' s Citates (800 million).
  4. Dun Kihot, Miguel de Cervantes (500 million).
  5. Harry Potter series, Joan Rouling (450 million).
  6. Two Cities, Charles Dickens (200 million).
  7. Ronald Ruel Tolkin (150 million)
  8. Little Prince, Antoine de St. Eccupery (140 million).
  9. “Alisa in Wonderland”, Lewis Carroll (100 million).
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