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These books should read every man
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Список книг которые должен прочитать каждыйI recently saw a collection of books on a foreign website that every gentleman or lady must read. Most of the authors, of course, were not Russian either, and I was curious to find a list close to the Russians. And I found it!

The Russ Reporter Journal conducted a study and proposed a list of books to be read by every respecting person, especially every Russian. The list consists of 100 pieces and is based on a literary study, a deep survey and analysis of the texts. According to the editors of the magazine, it is in these books that they can easily be distinguished from other citizens of Russia...

1. Michael Bulgakov, Master and Margarita
Publication: Partly 1966, Full 1973
Country: USSR
Lesson to reader: Christian and Soviet history
Themes: fighting goodness with evil, man and power, reality and magic, man and devil, material wealth, man and god.

100 книг которые должен прочитать каждый2. Alexander Pushkin " Eugene Onegin "
Publication: 1833
Country: Russian Empire
Lesson to reader: Encyclopedia of Russian life, real feelings
Themes: Romantic, Russian love, lost Russia

3. Fedor Dostoev " Crime and punishment "
Publication: 1866
Country: Russian Empire
Lesson to reader: morality, philosophy
Subjects: responsibility, man and god, revolution, man and devil, material wealth

4. Lev Tolsto " War and Peace "
Publication: 1869
Country: Russian Empire
Lesson to reader: actions of a real person
Themes: man and war, Russian love, conflict of the era, be a real man, man and power lost by Russia

Список книг которые должен прочесть каждый5. Antoine de Saint-Exuperi Little Prince
Publication: 1943
Country: USA
Lesson to reader: philosophy
Topics: Liability, man and God, Infantilism

6. Mikhail Lermontov " Our time hero "
Publication: 1,840
Country: Russian Empire
Lesson to reader: human psychology
Themes: Romantics lost by Russia, cynicism

7. Ilya Ilf, Evgeny Petrov
Publication: 1928
Country: USSR
Lesson to reader: Satir lessons
Topics: chasing money, cynicism, satir, adventure

8. George Orwell “1984”
Publication: 1949
Country: Britain
Lesson to reader: society
Themes: small man, man and power, man against the system

9. Gabriel García Marquez " One-year-old "
Publication: 1967
Country: Colombia
Lesson to reader: knowledge of eternity

Сто книг которые должен прочитать каждый Книги которые должен прочитать каждый человек
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