Top Of The Most Exciting Books

Top 15 of the most interesting books of the 22nd Lvo Forum of publishers
Топ 5 самых захватывающих книг

TC15 the most interesting books The 22nd Lions ' Forum of Educators of School Anna. The ratings included the works of Scarbin, Framut and Nadjda Savchenko

Scrabin, Fremouth and Hope Savchenko were ranked.

In Lvova, the 22nd Publishing Forum called the best books of the year. According to a literary jury, she became a book called "Otwaga and fear" written by Professor Warsaw University Olga Gnatuk.

This book is a historic edition of the World War II Lions. The author acknowledges that his book wanted to thank the Lithuanian and Ukrainians as a whole. "I mean, a few reasons. First, my mother was born here after the Red Army entered September 1939. She was born the day after, and I was very intrigued. I started to untie these stories later, after my mom died.new_image11_09 But it's not a family story, not just a family story, but a writer. In the same vein, the jury noted 21 books, including Yuri Loza's Historical Atlas of Ukraine, "Sheptica from A to Ya" Galina Terestek and "The History of European Civilization" Umberto Eko.

Let us recall that the best book is chosen by juries composed of experts from different industries: literature, scientists, philosophers, journalists, interpreters and librarians.

And we picked the 15 most interesting books on today.


new_image12_05Oleg Sence

The first book of a 20-year-old prisoner in the Russian Federation of the Ukrainian director of Oleg Senzov consists of eight stories related to the author ' s childhood years. They don't mention war or prisoners. The tone of the stories reminds me of the style of Zwanecki, the villain of Sents himself quotes it.

"The strong name of Hope."

His book was written in three weeks by the most famous Ukrainian batter who was already in custody in Russia and declared a hunger strike at that time. In the novel, she describes Maidan, the events in Crimea, the beginning of ATO and her abduction. There's a negative lexia in the book.

Children's breakfast

Ruslan Senichkin

The second book of the television host Ruslan Senichkin tells us how to feed the children properly. Except for delicious and useful prescriptions, there's a table in the book of product combinations for all ages and ideas for appetitizing dishes.

new_image4_123 new_image_192 new_image10_10 new_image7_37

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