What Books Should A Teenager Read

What books do you need to read to teenagers?
Какие книги стоит прочитать

When a child grows up, he has many questions and he just needs support and a wise friend. It's the book that can be such an assistant. Bookshops are now filled with a variety of literature. These are books on adulthood, self-determination, friendship and love, classic and modern, domestic and foreign.

If you're interested in having a kid read books, first of all, just ask him, don't be too careful about reading and the books you think are necessary for development. I don't think it's worth trying to get a teenager who doesn't like reading, to meet the writers you never complained about at his age. Let a teenager get involved, learn to see images and sympathize with heroes, take a print word, not a ready picture. Let him make his own choice.

What kind of book should you like a regular teenager?

The book must be the main hero who saves the world on its own, without adults. Every teenager thinks he's a completely independent and unambiguous adult.

Teenage is time. and romantic Entertainment, so the book should have a love line. And the more, the better, let heroes fall in love, meet, break up, suffer. At that age, they believe in true love, and a bad joke about it can ruin the whole book. You can't take a teenager's faith in true love.

There must be a happy ending in the book. The finish of any adolescence must be happy or at least give hope.

Adolescent books should be " reasonable, good, eternal " , but not only. Let the heroes of the works awaken the teenager's soul to read more, sit down and figure out what happens next. Perhaps, over time, a growing teenager would say, "This book changed my fate."


If your teenager loves Fantezy and likes to read Harry Potter, that's good! Some writers may then be invited to write books for adolescents in a similar genre, including, for example, Dmitri Jemec (Mefadiy Buslayev), Evgeny Gagloev (Zerzalia), Natalia Scherba (Chasodei), Kerstin Gir (Timeles) and many others.

Fantastics fantasies are also advised by Robert Heinline ' s adolescence, Star Beast, Marsian Podkain. There are interesting works and Soviet sponsors: Chelovek Ramfia, Earth Girl, Electrical Connection.

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