To Read The Teenager

What do you read to a teenager 12, 13, 14, 15 years?
Что почитать подростку?
Shy, modest, similar to alien, but very in need of recognition and respect. Or the total opposite of him is a true hero with exemplary appearance and internal generosity, with all his favourite and undivided attention. But it turns out to be completely lonely and abandoned when the tragedy occurs and burns his house.

Darya Vilke follows the best traditions of the stand-up. Verification of friendship, first sympathy, testing and tragedies, both personal and life.лето пахнет солью It's the time of childhood. At all times, the author was able to hand him over sincerely and without any false and decoration.

Summer smells salt

I fall asleep today, but tomorrow I say hello to the sea.

I'll tell him, "Hello, the sea."

вафельное сердцеAnd that would mean a lot.

And hello, summer. Hello, the sea salt that will keep me on the waves and take me away.

And hello, careless marines, warm streets, black mountains, ruthless mosquitoes, sunlights...

I'm asleep and I'm gonna wake up in the summer."

It's an extract from the first of the nine stories about holidays at sea. It unites them all into a demise house in Crimea, where they come to rest the main heroes of these stories. What could happen at sea... New dating, first love, but the most important thing is waiting for something really good and always remembering. But, of course, the intrinsic rhythm of rest in Crimea is a huge difference on the beach of "Chrimp! Buy shrimp! Good fresh shrimp!

все мы не красавцы apelsinovii-zontik
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