Best English Books

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Лучшие английские книги
1. Express course - In company (Second Edition) is an excellent textbook for a staff member who aims to grow inside the company. The course is designed for professionals who need to learn quickly in day-to-day business situations. There is a thematic structure and a focus in English not only on work but also on daily life. Each cluster creates a wide range of speech competences that allow for English-language communication through active introduction and retention of language material. 2. The modern Straightforward textbook is intended for those who have decided to learn a living conversational language. Through an integrated collection of materials and an excellent selection of relevant texts, it provides an opportunity to engage in discussions and to use ready-to-date videos and exercise blocks to communicate in every language environment. It's very convenient for the material to be delivered - every lesson is presented in one version of the book. In addition, a list of new words with transcrime at the end of each topic will be useful to all learners. 3. The Business 2.0 training manual is intended for those who have already learned English languages and wish to improve their professional knowledge. Employees working in sales and marketing, international trade and finance, services and supply chains, governance and private entrepreneurship would be ideal. A manual for personal growth and application will help to understand the main processes of modern international business and compile material in accordance with the requirements of a particular trainee. 4. Market Leader's training complex is a desktop book of careerists and a modern hyd in business. A detailed course, including all five stages of training, will increase to active ownership. The course has been developed jointly with Financial Times, one of the world ' s leading sources of business information. With each new level, the gradual immersion of the communication process: negotiation, presentation, writing of letters, telephone calls and teleconferences, secular conversation, meetings. Of particular interest is the format of business people interviews, which develops skills. ♪
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