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Лучшие психологические романы

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/ / Tolstoy L.N. / War and peace / L.N. Tolsto is a thin psychologist (in material 1 and 2 volumes of War and Peace romance)

L.N. Tolstoy steel World literature class♪ Moreover, for the world as a whole, the name of the writer is the symbol of Russian literature. Foreigners are most often called the Tolsthogo and the Dostoyian most famous Russian writers. For them, the works of these artists reflect the mysterious Russian soul, reveal its secrets and mystery. All this is possible because of the delicate psychologicalism inherent in the Tolstoy and Dostoyian novels.

L.N. Tolstoy is a writer who is particularly interested in the internal life of heroes, their spiritual development. Tolstoy is giving the thinest shades of human soul. But it also shows " the mental process, its form, its laws " (N.G. Cherniševsky).

In " War and peace " , the writer was able to show the psychological state, the soul of his heroes, their internal development or their death. Thanks to this novel epope is considered one of the best psychological novels in Russian literature.

Call for the first two volumes of the novel. Tolstoy uses different ways to expose characters. This may be a direct author ' s text in which the writer describes the characteristics, characteristics of the hero. Now, at the beginning of the novel, we'll find out that Andrey Bolconsky was tired of an empty secular life and his wife: " I guess all the exes in the living room didn't just know each other, but he was sick of looking at them and listening to them was really bored. Of all the people who bored him, his pretty wife's face seemed to be the worst. With the mushroom that ruined his beautiful face, he turned away from it. "

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