Philosopher's Books That Should Read

Playboy collected a partial and very subjective list of 40 books recommended for reading to each man
10 книг, которые изменили
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Maybe there's a question, why are these books rather than some other?

In our view, it is this list that shapes the qualities that create the most inexorable cocktail of courage. If you try to put it on the ingredients, it's a mind, a logic, philosophical notes, a critical mind, an infinite thirst for freedom, a share of irony and a vivid splash of sexual postmodernism.

These are literary works with a real male character: deep, serious and free. Although many of them were surely read.

1. George Orwell 1984

A cultural romance that brought global glory to its author. Winston Smith's CEO is a member of the Department of Truth, secretly hate party ideas. His actions are controlled by the police. Smith is aware of the need to combat the totalitarian regime and is trying to counter the inhumane cruel Party.Степной волк He and his beloved Julia hope that the Resistance, a secret organization against the regime, or proletariat, will destroy the Party in the long term. ♪ ♪

2. George Orwell, Stocky Court

The satirical posture of the one time, the beasts on Mr. Jones' farm, decided to take a coup and get rid of the humans. They are sick of being humiliated and feeling constant fear of becoming a meal for violent two-legged oppressors.1984 By raising the uprising, the beasts ran the master and his employees off the Lord's Palace, created their party and decided to start building a new life on their own theory called “Scotism”.

3. Herrmann Hesse “Stepne Wolf”

The chief novel hero, Harry Galler, is in a difficult internal crisis. He meets a man during the city's wandering, who gives him a little book called The Spectacle Volke. The tractat is about Harry, called Stepna Wolf, who shares his identity in two parts: a man of a high spiritual morality and an animal, a wolf. Harry's fighting himself in fear of sliding to memoriality. In this fight, he almost gets to the suicide that a girl named Hermin rescues him by accident. Can she change Harry's internal world?

4. (Signed) Alexander Soljenica " Archipelag GULAG "

The world-renowned documentary and artistic era of repression in Soviet years, the victim and the author himself...

Скотный двор Архипелаг ГУЛАГ Понедельник начинается в субботу Трудно быть богом
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