List Of Best Modern Books

Best modern books
Современные книги для
Akunin B.
Publication: Zaharov Perpetrol: Flexible Year: 2014

The romance of Erast Fandorina is taking place on the eve of the First World War in Baku, a magnificent and scary city of oil, nouvelles, flame terrorists and eastern robberies. This time, the great detective got an adversary that seems impossible to defeat. ♪ ♪

Selinger D.D.
Series: Pocket book
Publication: Exmo Pepper: Flexible Year: 2013

A student writer, a puzzle writer, at the peak of his career, who announced that he had left the literature and moved away from world temptation in a deaf American province. Selinger's only novel, "Let's go," has become a broken milestone in the history of world literature. And the name of the novel, and the name...

Bowen James

In this amazing story, two main heroes. And both streets. Street London musician James Bowen and at least a street London cat Red Bob. They were completely homeless and alone until they met each other once. Most of the problems in life were, of course, James.

Bradbury Ray.
Series: Pocket book
Publication: Exmo Pepper: Flexible Year: 2009

Enter into the world of a 12-year-old boy and live with him one summer filled with joyous sad, mysterious and disturbing events; the summer when amazing discoveries occur every day, the most important of which is you are alive, you breathe, you feel! "The wine from the ass" Ray...

Series: Pocket book
Publication: Exmo Pepper: Flexible Year: 2013

"451° on Farengeit" is an affair that brought the writer a world famous. 451° on Farengeit is the temperature at which the paper is flammable and burning. The Philosopher's Antiutopia Ray Bradbury paints an unlightensed picture of the development of a post-industrial society, a world of the future in which all written ...

James EL

The five hundred shades of grey -- confession, revelation, shocking and retracting, scandalous and contradictory novel, as a bomb broke in western literary space, are first brought before the courts of Russian readers. Five hundred shades of grey, part one of the trilogy “Fifty ...

Roberts, Gregory David

A rebel and a drug addict, a fighter who can throw a knife in a fight, a desperate guy running from an Australian prison, in a deaf Indian village, give a name to SHANTARAM, which in the marathi language means a peaceful man... D.G.Roberts wrote an amazing book about his life in India. It's not...

Rubina, Dean Illinichna
Publication: Exmo Peppers: Solid Year: 2015

Yeltuhin is the first book of the trilogy of Dina RubinaRussian Canary" , the red, the brown and the many family swords... Cypuche, the inexorably musical Odesian family and the Alma-Atina family of hidden, silent strangers... For a century, they've only been tied by a thin string of birds...

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