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1900. Легенда о пианистеRead to the Board

Author of the book: Barikko Alessandro
Year: 2000

“1900. Pianist Legend " (Novecento: Un monologo)\cH00FF00)}Music musician, never departed from the ship to the shore, 2,000 of the most famous Italian writer. The book served as the basis for a widely known single film.

Author of book: Pelevin Victor
Year: 2006

A young man becomes a vampire, a superhuman, one of the races who's got people to feed like cattle. In his new life, he will have to study the most important sciences to understand modern society: glamour and discourse, to meet the reality of the world. Actual story of the recognized love line between Rama and Hera (Stepoy and Müs, Petr and...

Author of the book: Saramago José
Year: 2013

Empire VIn this novel, the reader will meet with eyewitnesses. In his beloved saramago manner, the model of peace is in fact being built. He doesn't appreciate it, but he pushes his thoughts, doesn't laugh, but he doesn't hide sarcasm. " There has been no political event ever since that would have been totally or partially...

Book authorEvgeny Vololazkin
Year: 2016

Evgeny Vololaskin is a prozaic, a philolog. The author of the Noseller Lavre and the fine historical fiction of Solovev and Larion. In Russia, it is called “Russian Umberto Eco”, in America, after the Lavra in English, “Russian Marques”.[Про]зрение He's got to be himself. Vodorazkin ' s studies have been translated into many foreign languages. The hero of the new Aviator novel...

Author of the book: Coello Paulo
Year: 2011

АвиаторEvery moment of life, something starts again. In his own autobiographical novel, Paulo Coello tells us about an unusual journey. Because of the spiritual crisis in search of renewal and growth, he decides to travel, experiment, meet new people and places. The journey begins in Africa and then passes through Europe and Asia through the Russian Transsiberian...

Author of the book: Roy Oleg
Year: 2009

By accepting Grandma's gift, Dasha couldn't imagine that an old true and a little syrene envelope would change her life. Granny, leaving Duche her legacy, hoped to make her happy. But is it just to be happy in a life where your accidental luck is a reason for black envy? It's not anyone, it's the closest...

Author of the book:
Year: 1992

Michael Ondatge's novel is delicate and poeticly portrayed by the fact that four sparkly judges are on abandoned. ♪ ♪

Алеф Амальгама счастья Английский пациент Афера с вином
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