The Authors Of Science Fiction

Female authors reach new heights in science fiction, despite prejudices
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картинка ArlettNaomi Novik, who in 2016 took the Newshould Prize home for the "Replacement" novel, the fantasy of the girl who was ripped out of her favorite community to sacrifice the dragon, feels different. Her rhetoric of the Red Pupils appears to be a devastating, inconceivable manipulation of a strong Fandoma.

" I am pleased to speak loudly of my contempt for what happened, said by Novik in the HuffPost interview. I hope that this year, Hugo will change the rules. They should just leave. "

Both women agree that biased judgements for many years harm women and writers with other skin colours working in this genre. In their time, they wanted a confession, too, but then the story forgot. Kate Wilhelm's hot fantasy once won a few News and Hugos. Vonda N. McIntyre, whose long-standing cooperation with the Star Trek franchises brought her to the top of the glory, also won both of these awards. None of them are, however, even around Orson Scott Card or William Gibson.

"You always see articles with titles like Women suddenly got something in. science fiction and fantasy! But we were here before, that's what Novik says. - It's a very confusing prejudice. This subtle of facts. It is not so often that you face an open confrontation like Schenkov. Rather, it's about unconscious conviction: if you're asked to name, for example, the 10 greatest fantasies of all time, you're unlikely to include women. "

Ursula Le Guin, who won her first Newfoul Prize in 1970, raised his concerns about his own heritage in an interview with HuffPost last year. " My main experiences concern all women, including me, she said. - We're just going hand in hand and happy together for the rest of our lives, and then puf! Suddenly we're being buried in 50 years.

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