To Read From Love Classics

20 best books on the love of all time
У другого классика кино, уже

1. Emily Bronte Grozova Grozova (1847)
The Grozova Péral Emily Bronte is not just a gold classic of world literature, but a novel that has changed the romance of a romantic prose. There are years and decades, but the history of the rock passion of Hitcliffe, the adoptive son of the owner of the Grozova Truck, is not a time for the daughter of the owner of Catherine. Many generations of women have been read out by the Grozov River, and are still reading. This book doesn't grow old like true love doesn't get old. ♪ ♪

2. Jane Austin " Ward and prejudice " (1813)
The pride of a woman who is practically poor and completely free is in her poverty, in her irony, in its nature... Is there something equal to that pride? Prejudging a woman who is almost incapable of responding to a strike, believing in the sincerity of a man's feelings and not thinking about it. This is Jane Osten ' s Lord and Prejudition. A book without which there would be no “psychological” novel, no “feminist” literature, or simply “electronic” prose as such!

3. William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliette (1597)
Romeo and Juliette are a tragedy in the five actions of William Shakespeare, telling about the love of young men and girls from two hostile old births, Monteca and Capuletti.

4. Charlotte Bronte Jane Air (1847)
Jane Air, a humble, but proud and independent, orphaned girl, is a governess at Mr. Rochester's estate. By loving each other, Jane and Rochester are getting married. Having become the bride of a loved person and experience unprecedented happiness, Jane retains self-reliance and independence. She continues to teach his daughter and rejects the glorious gifts of the groom. But on the wedding day, there's a scary secret that can destroy the dreams of lovers forever and completely change their lives.

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