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10 best books in the xxi-century genre
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EducÁtion in the social media in Connectact published a list of the top 10 fantastic books published in the 21st century. I added the names and descriptions of their cover books. I wonder if fantasy and fantasy fantasy have any idea how representative this sample is?

1. " Windows " - John Scalci

The world of the future of the Earth is not as beautiful as it would have been for mankind to be left behind. The collonization of space is engendered by a strip of violent protracted wars with other galaxies. There is even a special army, the Colony Self-Defence Force, where the elderly are recruited, who promises to return their youth. It's true, or only a catch for sheets, nobody can say anything because soldiers of this mercenary army never return to Earth. John Perry, one of these mercenaries, signs a contract and almost immediately turns into a terrible circle of war. During the fight for the planet Coral, which was barely worth John's life, he meets ghosts in the Brigade - a name like that is a star special, his own wife, who was buried before he went to the mercenaries. This minute was a new point of reference for his awesome changed life.

2. American gods -- Neil Gayman

He's the main hero of the Shadow, who's been sitting in prison for three years, getting free. He doesn't know that the main tests are ahead of him. His wife Laura dies in a car accident... The Shadow House is waiting for a strange man named Wednesday, who seems to be a refugee from a distant country and engages a hero in confusing events related to the investigation of a series of murders throughout the United States. ♪ ♪

3. The name of the wind is Patrick Rotfus

One day, young Kvout, a Rue epidemic, an actor from a vagrant corpse and an arkanist pupil, heard from his father about the chandry of strange and scary demons, whether the real creatures, the heroes of the legend and the children's sand. No one knew the song about them would cost Quota's parents and the whole body of life, and he would be pushed to the road, full adventure and danger. And whoever he is, a vagrant, a university student or a tractor, will be looking for traces of the terrible creatures that he met on the cave one night, where his careless childhood burned.

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