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Vladimir Medovsky
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It's the first historical...Privy novel The author of the Myths of Russia and the Wars, which occurs in Russia, at a time of confusion marked by natural disasters, intervention, the worst political, economic, public and social crisis.
In describing the known events of the heroic defence of the Smoleen fortress in 1609-1611, the Medovsky in his new book is a professional task for the detective - guess the traitor. Roman's been seizing from the front page, and it's not easy to see the main enemy among conspiracy and betrayal.
But the main intrigue is not limited to the smolen area of action: it is spread internationally, affects secretly powerful sects, takes on the thoughts of the Pope of the Roman and mysterious Crestone Fleet, falls into the basements filled with powder and gold, all imagination. And the war, which is intrigued by betrayal, is shown in magnitude, from Sigismund III Vaza to our burial enmity by the blood of the rich, from the thrilled enemies to the imaginary, shining points of the leader of the Soviet NKWhnik, with the nascent name of the Orthodles, from the European shrouds.
The Medon is reviving the genre that we almost didn't have... Three Musketeers is France of the early 18th century. The world knows this legend. The Medovsky took the same age and wrote the adventure novel. But Medsky's story is something different than Dum's. If for a great French novelist, she was a gorgeous man who was carrying his picture, then for the Medina, the whole picture is a story, and the imagination is from power on the gossip and frame, because our Russian history gives such fantastic stories that you don't have to think.
Vladimir Medsky's book is designed for a double readership. The detective chains a severe intrigue with his hytrophes. Historical precision is a desire to learn more about the dark, but bright times, his heroes of the elinsky. And if you close the book, you want to read about Russia's history, learn the details of the impressive history of the struggle, death and victory of Smolenska, it means the author's luck. Love for history is the right path to self-identification.

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